Welcome to the 16th International Conference of Baltic Child Neurology Association (BCNA) taking place on 12-14 May 2022. We had previously planned for this meeting to be held in May 2021; however, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The difficult vaccination situation made us change the location from East Estonia, Narva-Jõesuu to Pärnu. At this point we do plan to have live conference so our guests can meet in person and enjoy scientific discussions and catch up after couple of years.

We do hope that the conference will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in treatment, diagnoses and care in child neurology.

We are really looking forward to see you all in Estonia, in Pärnu.

Inga Talvik MD, PhD
President of the conference



9.00-9.15 – opening remarks


Chairs: Helen Cross, Inga Talvik

9.15-9.45 – H Cross: Novel therapies in epilepsy

9.45-10.15 – S Zuberi: Early childhood epilepsies, neonatal seizures

10.15-10.30 – J Strautmanis: Epilepsy surgery in Latvia: results of the first 5 years of prospective database

10.30-10.45 – U Andriusaityte: Variety of clinical symptoms in Dravet syndrome: a case series of 11 patients

10.45-10.55 – U Vaher: New national evidence-based guideline for management of epilepsy in girls and women of childbearing age

10.55-11.00 – D Burkojus: Testing patient during a seizure: a multimedia teaching material

11.00-11.30 Coffee

Epilepsy continues

Chairs: Sameer Zuberi, Anneli Kolk

11.30-12.00 – H Cross: Cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsies

12.00-12.30 – S Pajusalu: Diagnostics of genetic epilepsy – beyond exomes and microarrays

12.30-12.45 – I Mičule: Seven years experience with comprehensive genetic testing of epilepsy patients in Latvia

12.45-13.00 – S Lilles: Drug-resistant epilepsy in children in Estonia

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Epilepsy continues, innovation

Chairs: Milda Endzinienė, Ulvi Vaher

14.00-14.15 – D Apela: Ketogenic diet for epilepsy treatment – efficacy and possible predictors – experience in Children’s Clinical University Hospital, Riga, Latvia

14.15-14.30 – J Karandienė: Fats against seizures: first experience of ketogenic diet therapy for childhood drug resistant epilepsy, Kaunas, Lithuania

14.30-14.45 – K Liaušienė: It is not all about ketones: the main challenges for families using ketogenic diet therapy, Kaunas, Lithuania

14.45-15.00 – M Endzinienė: Two cases of epilepsy with CHD2 mutation

15.00-15.15 – S Jackevičiūtė: Neurologic manifestation of ATP1A3 mutation

15.15-15.30 – R Laugesaar: Status epilepticus or migrainosus?

15.30-15.40 – A Kolk: Holographic display – technical miracle to manage children’s hospital fear

15.40-15.50 – C Kööp: Hospital fear – relevant topic for young doctors?

15.50-16.00 – K Kits: The power of humanoids: dimensions of child-robot interaction

16.00-16.10 – A Roštšinskaja: Social robots and virtual reality are ready to be deployed in social skills rehabilitation

16.10-16.30 – W van Emde Boas: BCNA through the ages

16.30-17.00 Coffee

17.00-18.00 – Poster session I

Chairs: Sameer Zuberi, Jurgis Strautmanis

J Grikiniene: Seizures associated with vitamin B12 deficiency in infant of vegan mother

I  Kasiulevičiūtė: Preventive antiepileptic treatment in tuberous sclerosis complex: 3 case reports

M Putne: Parental knowledge and attitude towards pediatric epilepsy in Latvia

A Saulītis: Public knowledge and attitude towards epilepsy in general population of Latvia

E Veignere: Educational institution employee attitude and knowledge towards epilepsy in Latvia

L Gumbelevičienė: Vagus nerve stimulation in children: data from the hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kauno Klinikos

E Millere: Primary headache characteristics in emergency department

D Zabielaitė: The burden of headache in children and adolescents in Lithuania

18.30 Welcome party


8.00-9.00 Poster session II

Chairs: W van Emde Boas, Katrin Õunap

B Burnyte: Coffin-Siris syndrome-12: a case report

B Burnytė: Kleefstra syndrome type 2: a case report

D Burkojus: Case presentation: Early infantile Krabbe disease

D Runkauskaitė: Clinical signs of the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis type 2

I Kopyta: Selected risk factors in dependence to the type of cerebral palsy

R Traberg: Case report of KBG syndrome, rare genetic disorder associated with intellectual disability

K Merkevičius: Migraine like headaches in Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome

RR Apse: Early childhood sleep problems in Latvia – parent perspective and recommendations by medical community

Autoimmune and rare diseases

Chairs: Katrin Gross-Paju, Milda Dambrauskienė

9.00-9.30 – D Dubey: Autoimmune encephalitis

9.30-10.00 – K Gross-Paju: Update of SM in children

10.00-10.10 – T Meren: Who wouldn’t like to be younger? A case of MOG antibody encephalitis

10.10-10.20 – S Jackevičiūtė: A retrospective diagnosis of anti-GAD65 autoimmune encephalitis

10.20-10.30 – D Burkojus: CASPR2 antibody-associated disease

10.30-11.00 – K Õunap: Rare disease discovery and care in Estonia

11.00-11.30 Coffee

Genetics, neuromuscular diseases

Chairs: Nerija Vaičienė-Magistris, Eve Õiglane-Šlik

11.30-11.45 – L Ambrozaitytė: Wide spectrum of nuclear DNA diagnosis in patients with suspected mitochondrial disease

11.45-12.00 – G Senkevičiūtė: Diagnostic outcomes of next-generation sequencing in children with neuromuscular disorders

12.00-12.15 – S Setlere: Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease in paediatric patients

12.15-12.30 – B Lace: Non-dystrophic congenital myotonia – the most frequent neuromuscular disorder in Latvia

12.30-12.40 – L Roht: Myotonic dystrophy type 1- different clinical manifestations in one family

12.40-12.50 – T Meren: The descriptive epidemiology of glucose transporter type 1 deficiency syndrome in Estonia

12.50-13.00 – R Traberg: Case report of Coats plus syndrome associated with pathogenic variants in CTC1 gene

13.00-14.00 – Lunch

Neuromuscular diseases

Chairs: Carsten Bönnemann, Sander Pajusalu

14.00-14.30 – C Bönnemann: Emerging opportunities for gene and transcript directed precision therapeutics for rare neuromuscular disease of childhood

14.30-15.00 – Werner Stenzel: Acquired muscle diseases in childhood- how can myopathology contribute?

15.00-15.30 – P Fuchsová: A clinical reality of SMA patient treatment today, situation in Czech Republic (Novartis)

15.30-15.45 – D Seile: Latvian experience: Spinal muscular atrophy genetic screening

15.45-16.00 – M Dambrauskienė: Treatment of spinal muscular atrophy: a 5-year experience from a single center for neuromuscular diseases

16.00-16.15 – TL Cupane: The results of spinal muscular atrophy genetic therapy, Latvia

16.15-16.30 – I Talvik: Treatment of spinal muscular atrophy in Estonia

16.30-17.00 – Coffee

17.00-17.30 – Poster session III

Chairs: W van Emde Boas, Sameer Zuberi

J Strautmanis: Age at loss of ambulation in patients with DMD from the STRIDE registry and the CINRG natural history study: a matched cohort analysis

J Andreikėnas: Critical illness-associated weakness after prolonged treatment in intensive care unit

J Karandienė: Awakening of the sleeping beauty: first case of childhood narcolepsy treatment with pitolisant in Lirthuania

R Stankevičiūtė: A case of possible severe exacerbations of myasthenia gravis and myasthenic crisis after COVID-19 infection

K Kozlova: Lack of knowledge about pediatric sleep related problems in Latvian physicians

18.30-22.00 Gala dinner



Chairs: Rima Nabbout, Rael Laugesaar

8.45-9.15 – R Nabbout: FIRES

9.15-9.45 – R Nabbout: Autoimmunity in epilepsy

9.45-10.15 – S Zuberi: Nonepileptic paroxysmal events in childhood

10.15-10.30 – N Vaičienė-Magistris: Prevalence of headache disorders in school-aged children in Lithuania: contribution to the global knowledge of child and adolescent headaches

10.30-10.45 – E Millere: Use of neuroimaging for pediatric headache patients in emergency department

10.45-11.00 – M Celmina: Pediatric sleep problems in Latvia: underdiagnosed and overmediated

11.00-11.30 Coffee

Stroke, COVID-19

Chairs: Pilvi Ilves, Irja Lutsar

11.30-12.00 – P Ilves: Risk factors, radiological findings and neurodevelopmental outcome in children with perinatal stroke

12.00-12.15 – N Ilves: Language outcome and lateralization in perinatal stroke patients with arterial ischemic stroke and periventricular venous infarction

12.15-12.30 – K Kivisikk: Intraarterial thrombectomy in two children with children with basilar artery thrombosis

12.30-12.40 – M Vaišvilas: A case of possible COVID-19 associated focal cerebral arteriopathy induced ischemic stroke in a previously healthy child

12.40-13.10 – I Lutsar: COVID-19 and CNS in children

13.10-13.20 – S Kovaļovs: Neurological complications following SARS-CoV-2 infection in children – a case series

13.20-13.30 – Closing remarks

13.30 Lunch and farewell


Prof J Helen Cross (UK)

Prof Sameer Zuberi (UK)

Prof Rima Nabbout (France)

Dr Marina Nikanorova (Denmark)

Prof Walter van Emde Boas (Netherlands)

Dr Divyanshu Dubey (USA)

Prof Carsten Bonnemann (USA)

Prof Werner Stenzel (Germany)

Prof Katrin Gross-Paju (Estonia)

Prof Pilvi Ilves (Estonia)

Prof Katrin Õunap (Estonia)

Dr Sander Pajusalu (Estonia)

Prof Irja Lutsar (Estonia)


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Early registration deadline extended to March 15, 2022!

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Call for Abstracts
Submission of ABSTRACT is now CLOSED

The 16th International Conference of Baltic Child Neurology Association (BCNA) welcomes submission of abstracts for original contribution to the field.

Abstract submission deadline extended to March 15, 2022!


    Scientific Committee

    Inga Talvik (Estonia)
    Jurgis Strautmanis (Latvia)
    Milda Dambrauskienė (Lithuania)

    Local Organizing Committee

    Inga Talvik
    Eve Õiglane-Šlik
    Teele Meren
    Stella Lilles
    Rael Laugesaar
    Klari Heidmets
    Valentin Sander
    Kadre Saare